To My Best Friend For Life

IMG_0049Word on the street is, it’s National Sibling Day, and I can’t let the day go by without writing about my wonderful, sassy, sometimes brutally honest, but forever at my back, silly, goofy, soulmate, Kelli: My sister <3

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Kelli is my wingman, my confidant, my honest (often times unwanted) opinion, my cheerleader, my other half, my best friend.


How do I even begin to describe what this crazy girl means to me. We go way back. (I know that’s obvious but… just wanted to make it clear). Boo and I have been through it all together. Long car rides, family vacations, losing teeth, getting training bras, first boyfriends, first days of school, FINALLY getting to drive… you name it. It’s still weird to me sometimes that we don’t live in the same house and brush our teeth together at night, wake up in the morning and have our cereal, stay up all night talking and giggling just because we can. She’s not around to steal my clothes, and I’m not around to steal hers. But even though we’re miles apart we are just as close as we’ve always been. There’s something about the bond between sisters – it’s so much bigger and better than any other bond you could possibly have.


I wouldn’t have made it through any stage of my life without this one pushing me out of my comfort zone, standing right next to me at every single awkward family occasion, laughing with me at the dinner table, making me get on that roller-coaster, and opening my mind to new ideas, new friends and new adventures.

I love you with all my heart boo boo! <3 You are one of the biggest reasons I am the totally awesome, cool, funny, ridiculously good-looking person I am today. So basically, thank you for being born. Can’t wait to see where our crazy lives take us together… Hopefully back to the same city (I’d even take the same state)!


Happy National Siblings Day, everyone! Be sure to tell your siblings how much you love them <3

Keep smiling :)

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