Setting Your Intention

In yoga, it’s common practice to set your intention before the start of every class. Your intention can be anything you want it to be. It can be spiritual. It can be a simple phrase or mantra. It can be something you feel you need to work on in your heart.

I have found that if I have a visual – Something simple, yet meaningful – for me to look at throughout my practice, it helps me to stay focused on my intention and really incorporate it into my practice. It helps to flush the worry, stress or any other distraction from my mind, leaving a clean slate for the rest of the day.


Today – My intention was “Keep Smiling.” When you smile, no matter what is going on in your life, no matter how badly you feel or how hurt you are, you are tricking your brain into believing you are happy. Little by little your mind starts to think, “Wow, I’ve been smiling all day! There must be something good going on. I am happy.” It’s so simple, yet so hard to do at times. I encourage you to try this when you are in a strange mood, having a bad day, or are just feeling a little down.

Keep Smiling my Happy Yogis!

(P.S. For all of my non-yogis… you can practice this too! Tape your intention card to your bathroom mirror in the morning while getting ready. Prop it up at your desk. Hide it in your lunch box for a mid-day surprise!)

It’s the little daily actions that make the biggest difference. Love on yourself a little today and watch the magic happen all around you.

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