100% Pure | My New Beauty Obsession


This summer and fall, I’ve been going through a transformation of sorts. Trying to cleanse my body from the inside out, but also take care of it from the outside in.

With an interest in nutrition and healthy eating, I’ve always been very conscious about what goes into my body. I am a huge believer in clean eating and fueling your body with the foods that it needs. It’s an easy concept really, your body is your temple – it’s sacred – so treat it that way!

One thing I’ve never put much thought into is what I’m putting on my body. I’ve tried out product after product of acne treatments, face washes and moisturizers all claiming to do wonders to my skin. And sure, some of them did work! But… what was in them? Did I ever look or ask?

A few months ago, when my mom told me about these essential oils she had been trying out, I had to see what it was all about. I got my first starter kit from Young Living Essential Oils and the rest was history! (I’ll be writing many posts about the wonderful things these essential oils have done for me in a short amount of time… but that’s not what this post is about.)

Where was I headed with this…? Oh right!

I started reading about the harmful effects of chemicals found in household cleaners, beauty products and even cosmetics and researching essential oils and the benefits they have on your skin and health. I discovered that our skin absorbs everything we put on it. What we put on our skin, we are also putting into our body. (creepy, yea?)

As I learned more about the many uses for these oils and how they can essentially replace harmful chemicals laying around the house, I started to think, what’s in my makeup? Why am I putting something on my face that isn’t from the earth and 100% pure.

That’s when I did a little research and found 100% Pure beauty products. They use only the purest ingredients with no chemicals, harmful toxins or fake dyes. All of their products are all natural and 100% organic as well! The coolest part? Their makeup is dyed with only fruit and vegetable pigments!

I just had to order some for myself. I decided to only order 3 items to make sure I actually liked them and that I chose the right color for my skin.

100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation in Peach Bisque

100% Pure Long Lasting Concealer with Super Fruits

100% Pure Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer

I couldn’t wait for my box to arrive!

When I opened the box, I found a gift of $100 worth of freebies along with the items I ordered! I couldn’t believe how generous these guys were to include so many fun goodies just for me!

This makeup was worth every not-that-expensive penny. It went on smoothly, my skin felt GREAT and it covered any perfect imperfections on my face. :) I can’t wait to try more of their products! For now, I’m a happy camper with all this great stuff!


P.S. For those of you who like video reviews… I’ve got one up on my YouTube Channel! Check it out for a more detailed review on this awesome makeup. :) I’ll post another review after trying out all the other great stuff they sent!

Have a Happy Day! :)

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