Happy April!


Happy April friends! Sorry I’ve been away for a little while. I’ve got lots to catch you up on. I’m so excited my favorite month is finally here! And not just because it’s my birthday month (although, that doesn’t hurt). I’m just really a huge fan of spring.

It’s a very happy time, don’t you think? The grass turns green again , the trees get their leaves back, and the sun shines just a little brighter. Baby birds are learning to fly and baby bunnies are learning to do bunny things. Best of all, Roo gets to enjoy the flowers on our walks.

April 1st, to me, is like everyone else’s New Year. It’s a fresh, clean start.

To kick my happy spring off, I’ve decided to do a little spring cleaning, which consists of basically turning my apartment into a tornado scene and putting it all back together again – but better. Today I did my closet.  And it was not a pretty scene. But it feels SO much better to have everything right where I want it to be. I also ended up with a big tub of clothes to give away. (Let’s say a prayer right now that those clothes do not piece by piece end up back in my closet.) We all do it… second guess and decide we’ll wear that dress eventually, so we keep it.

Just so you can see the disaster that was my room today… Don’t worry, there’s an after video. (I’ll post it up here tomorrow)

My strategy: 

1. Throw everything on bed and floor

2. Be forced to organize and fold it all by category

3. Throw all winter clothes in tubs and trade them out for summer clothes

4. Put everything back, but in a completely different way than it was before (this obviously includes re-arranging the room completely)

5. Try to keep everything organized for longer than 48 hours (we’ll see about that one)

Tune in to see how this mess turns into a normal looking bedroom again!

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