Marshmallow-Filled S’more Cupcakes


If you haven’t noticed yet, my recipe section has a very strong theme: Desserts. Yes, it’s true, I love to bake. Today’s recipe is perfect for summer! This should in no way take the place of nights out by the fire, roasting marshmallows and making legit s’mores, but it is a fun alternative!

Brace yourself, this recipe is complicated. Luckily, I had a baking partner, Natalie from That Foodie Girl

I’m not going to type out the actual recipe, because it’s much easier for you to read it here (Or I’m just being lazy. You decide.): Marshmallow-Filled S’mores Cupcakes





Although this process took FOREVER, it was well worth it. These little nuggets were SO delicious, and although I probably won’t make them again for a while, they are definitely worth making again.

5 thoughts on “Marshmallow-Filled S’more Cupcakes

    • stevierae says:

      They are SO delicious! Perfect for a birthday party – love that. :) Let me know if you end up making them, would love to see how they turn out! Happy Birthday to your son!


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