What A Difference A Little Paint Can Make!

I recently moved back to my hometown and into my DREAM apartment. (More pics + info to come soon!)

I’ve always had hand-me-down furniture + accessories, so this time, I wanted to treat my 25-year-old self to some real “grown up” furniture.


Although I did buy some new things, I re-purposed a lot of what I had. It’s amazing what a little paint can do! I had two old wooden desks from my last place that I never did anything with. But with a little paint magic, they were transformed into exactly what I was envisioning for my new space.

This desk was a grey blue color, and SUPER sticky. (I have no idea why)  I really wanted a white desk for my work area, and this didn’t want to spend money on a brand new desk. My mom is a pro furniture painter – so naturally, I wrangled her in to help out. We even painted the underside of the desk gold! SO fun to know there’s a little gold sparkle hidden under my desk while I work. ;)



The second desk is a table for my entryway. We painted it a pink color first and… hated it. So we decided to redo the desk in a chalkboard paint! Now I can write on it anytime, or leave it as is!



What do you guys think? Have you painted anything fun lately?? I’d love to see your pics!


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