100% Pure | My New Beauty Obsession


This summer and fall, I’ve been going through a transformation of sorts. Trying to cleanse my body from the inside out, but also take care of it from the outside in.

With an interest in nutrition and healthy eating, I’ve always been very conscious about what goes into my body. I am a huge believer in clean eating and fueling your body with the foods that it needs. It’s an easy concept really, your body is your temple – it’s sacred – so treat it that way!

One thing I’ve never put much thought into is what I’m putting on my body. I’ve tried out product after product of acne treatments, face washes and moisturizers all claiming to do wonders to my skin. And sure, some of them did work! But… what was in them? Did I ever look or ask?

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Night Out Makeup Routine


Getting ready for a night out can be quite the production at times. I’m a fan of quick, simple and easy.

I start with 100% organic apricot oil blended with Young Living Essential Oil Lavender as a moisturizer. Then apply concealer and some light eyeshadow and liner. I even everything out with Bobbi Brown Liquid Foundation and swipe some bronzer across my cheeks. To finish the look I use MAC mascara to really open my eyes, and I’m ready to go! What’s your go-to Night Out Makeup Routine?

Struck By Lightning

Happy Halloween! I’ve been struck by lighting this year.


I have to say this costume was VERY last minute. As in, an hour before the party. But, how much fun is this super easy idea?!

Everyone at the party was super impressed, and we had a lot of fun with it :)

After raiding Target for a poster board and shirt I didn’t care about ripping and burning, I grabbed an umbrella at checkout we had a costume! (brilliant and cheap!)

You can make this too! All you need is:

Lightning Bolt

– One yellow poster board: I traced a light night bolt and cut it out

– Shoestring: to tie it across the neck

Struck by Lightning

– One umbrella: cut holes and rip as much as you’d like

– One shirt you don’t care about destroying (***Make sure the shirt isn’t highly flammable)

– A lighter: to burn some holes (I did this in the shower just incase)

– Hairspray: for some serious teasing and frizzing to your hair

To Bang or Not to Bang?

Okay Okay… I know what y’all were thinking… I now give you permission to get your heads out of the gutter :)

No but seriously, this seems to be the trending question in this year’s Hair and Fashion. Are bangs back in…? Not side bangs (those have been around for a while now), but the full force fringe bangs? I personally LOVE them. I like the way bangs can frame any girl’s face and make her look like an instant movie star:

Exhibit A

IMG_5917 4

I mean, if that isn’t movie star quality right there, I don’t know what is!

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