Beat The Bloat

Swimsuit season is quickly approaching, and although I truly believe in loving every inch of your body (curves and all!), I also know what it feels like to want to look and feel your very best when stepping out in a swimsuit. Here’s what I like to do to beat the bloat before a beach day.

*Extra Challenge – Try to stay consistent with a few of these tips throughout the year, to maintain your bloat-fighting powers ;) 


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It almost seems counterintuitive to drink more water when your body is retaining water, but it’s exactly what your body needs. More water. When you eat food high in salt or sugar, your body reacts with extra bloat. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated + healthy.

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It seems the yogurt of choice these days is greek. And I have to say, I’m pretty happy about it. Not only is greek yogurt higher in protein, it’s got all kinds of belly bloat-fighting probiotics and live active cultures in it to get your belly swimsuit ready. Just be sure to choose 0% plain, with no added sugars. (Opt for a little drizzle of local honey instead)

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Artificial sweeteners contain chemical properties that are hard for our stomachs to digest. Diet sodas are a double threat, because the carbonation literally fills your stomach with air bubbles that cause major bloat Stay away!

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Bananas contain a lot of potassium, which works to literally flush the water out of your system! Eat one of these babies first thing in the morning and it’ll fight the bloat for you before lunch.

Your turn! Are there any tricks you use to beat the bloat during swimsuit season?

My New Favorite Thing

Lately I’ve been enjoying the process of starting to practice yoga at home. I still LOVE going to my classes, but it’s also really nice to just let my body flow into whatever position it feels like without having to follow along. It’s so freeing to just let go and follow by body, letting music lead the way.

My little nugget, Roo likes to join in from time to time. I’ll be posting videos up on my YouTube channel for all of you to watch :) Who doesn’t love a cute puppy doing yoga, am I right?

Sunday Morning Workout

It’s spring! (Finally) And I can’t wait to spend more time outside enjoying the beautiful sun and mild temperatures. As much as I love zoning out to some quality reality TV while working out, it’s fun to get outside for a workout now and then.

Here’s a fun workout to do on your own outside:

All you need is a mat, and stability ball and two dumbbells!


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My Daily Reminder to Smile

I’ve recently discovered the beauty of reusable water bottles. I love them. I had a really old beat up bottle until yesterday, when Spencer surprised me with a brand new bottle! … The best part – he also got me the most adorable yellow mouthguard with a big smiley face right in the center.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic.

I’m so happy I have a new constant reminder to smile every day :)


What’s your daily reminder to smile?