What A Difference A Little Paint Can Make!

I recently moved back to my hometown and into my DREAM apartment. (More pics + info to come soon!)

I’ve always had hand-me-down furniture + accessories, so this time, I wanted to treat my 25-year-old self to some real “grown up” furniture.


Although I did buy some new things, I re-purposed a lot of what I had. It’s amazing what a little paint can do! I had two old wooden desks from my last place that I never did anything with. But with a little paint magic, they were transformed into exactly what I was envisioning for my new space.

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New Music Corner

Recently, I added a keyboard to my collection of music tools, and I couldn’t be happier to have it. I’ve created a little music corner in my living room and I’m obsessed. :) It’s not quite finished (I still need to hang something on the wall above the keyboard, but I’m loving my new table that I’m using as a keyboard stand. It’s a much nicer look than the boring black stand it came with, don’t ya think?

P.S. I’m definitely leaving my tree up till Valentines Day. Anyone else?



Don’t Worry, “Bee” Happy!


This year for Halloween, instead of carving the usual scary pumpkins, I decided it’d be a lot more fun to paint them! It was so much more fun… and honestly, a lot less messy! Also, instead of painting spooky themed pumpkins, I decided to paint something that wouldn’t need to be thrown out after Halloween… something that would be fun to have around in November.

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Struck By Lightning

Happy Halloween! I’ve been struck by lighting this year.


I have to say this costume was VERY last minute. As in, an hour before the party. But, how much fun is this super easy idea?!

Everyone at the party was super impressed, and we had a lot of fun with it :)

After raiding Target for a poster board and shirt I didn’t care about ripping and burning, I grabbed an umbrella at checkout we had a costume! (brilliant and cheap!)

You can make this too! All you need is:

Lightning Bolt

– One yellow poster board: I traced a light night bolt and cut it out

– Shoestring: to tie it across the neck

Struck by Lightning

– One umbrella: cut holes and rip as much as you’d like

– One shirt you don’t care about destroying (***Make sure the shirt isn’t highly flammable)

– A lighter: to burn some holes (I did this in the shower just incase)

– Hairspray: for some serious teasing and frizzing to your hair

April Fools Day


I am sad to say that I did not participate in the April Fools festivities today,although the night is still young. I’m really quite a terrible liar… So April Fools Day has never been a strength of mine. In fact, I’m usually the one being fooled. Anyone with me on that?

What did I do with my day? I spent it outside enjoying the sights and writing. I love to write: thoughts, poems, songs, pretty much anything…

However, in honor of this super fun day, I am going to share with you some of my fave Pinterest finds of the day. Some are cute… some are just plain evil.

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