Irish Tradition

St. Patty’s Day is known to many as the notorious day of drinking excessive amounts of green beer and whiskey, staying up all night mumbling along to Irish songs you would NEVER listen to on any other day of the year (songs you don’t know any of the words to…yet you still insist on yelling along until the bars throw you out). You somehow make it home just in time to take a quick nap (if you’re lucky), hop in the shower and head off to work… Don’t get me wrong, that all sounds like a blast. Really! But I have to admit… That’s just not me.

What did I do on St. Patty’s Day, you ask? I did what my mom has done for my sister and I every St. Patricks day since I can remember: made green shamrock pancakes and green scrambled eggs, served it up with green-dyed milk and made a treasure hunt that led to a pile of gold coins (chocolate of course!).

St Pattys day

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