To Being Lost in the Right Direction

Lately, I’ve been feeling lost. Not in a bad way, just in a “oh my gosh what am I going to do with my life” sort of way. We’ve all been there.

I just feel like I tend to go there way too much for my own good.  There have been a lot of changes taking place in my life lately. All, I am certain, are great changes. But when they are happening, it’s sometimes hard to see farther down the road to that light.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to put on my happy face and start dreaming. So, I’m packing my metaphorical bags and heading to the next adventure. I have a good feeling I’m lost in the right direction | And that’s exactly where I should be.


Here’s to all of you who are also lost in the right direction. May you find your way as gracefully as you can, and may you find happiness in the little things.

Appreciate the Now


Sometimes it’s good to be at peace with the present. Right where you are here and now. So often in this digitally driven world, we have a tendency to compare… to covet… to self-doubt. We see another acquaintance from high school get a promotion, we see one more friend from college get engaged, we see celebrities glorified on TV and worshipped on Twitter. We want it. All of it. I think there’s a difference between striving to be better – to be the best YOU – and climbing a ladder that is not your own only to find out nothing’s at the top. I often find myself climbing the wrong ladders, reaching for the wrong hands, and falling… flat on my face: Not because I didn’t give it my all, but because that particular ladder was not my ladder to climb.

It’s important that we connect with the ground we are standing on, learn to dig our heals in and feel the earth beneath us. Even though we are not where we hope to be some day, we are here. We are present. And we are loved by someone much bigger than ourselves. I have yet to master this but I honestly believe the only way to move forward in life is to embrace the present with an open heart and give yourself the freedom to dream with no pressure.

Stop trying to acquire a bigger house, a better car, a happier life, and be grateful for what you have, where you are, and who you’ve been blessed with along the way … Then, give with an open heart, an open mind, and a positive soul … because what you put out in the universe, you’ll get back in blessings.

From Chaos to Clarity


In the middle of chaos we often find clarity.

We take in the noise, the lights, the people, and we look inside ourselves to find who we truly are; what we truly want.

It’s in those moments of discomfort, the times when we truly jump out of our neatly folded box into the unknown, that we find ourselves.

I’m finding myself one day at a time, knowing all the while that I am an ever changing being. Who I was last year is not who I am today and who I am today is not who I will be in a month, two days, or five years from now.

That’s the beauty of it, really. Every day is a chance to start over. Every day is a new opportunity to be the best you possible.

So get out there and take chances. Embrace the chaos. Be uncomfortable. Live.

A Quick Escape | Hamptons Style

I know I know… I came to see the CITY. But, my mom and I couldn’t turn down an invite to spend a few days in the Hamptons with her friend.

Minutes after landing in the city, I met up with my mom, and we hopped on the Jitney (this really awesome charter bus)  to the Hamptons.

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WILD sweatshirt | NORDSTROM      Jeggings | Adidas      Shades | Coach

Now, I don’t know about y’all but, going to the Hamptons is not just a casual thing for my mom and I. So, this was quite the adventure.


We stayed in a beautiful, quaint cottage style house and walked around the adorable Sag Harbor. It was a great way to soak up some nature before venturing back to the city for 3 weeks of exploration.