When someone comes into your life, even for a moment
They are there to serve a purpose
Some will make a giant impact on your life
Some, very little
But each one is just as important as the next on your journey
Some are here to teach you what you don’t want
And others to show you what you do
It’s all a part of this crazy thing we call life
So embrace every unique soul that crosses your path
You never know what they could end up meaning to you someday or what you could end up meaning to them

Construction Paper, Crayons & Flowers

IMG_6665I truly believe that everyone comes into your life for a reason. No matter the length of time, there is always a reason they were there.

I don’t really think about this idea often, but there are moments when I see it, plain and clear, and I’m reminded of how serendipitous life can be.

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Suspended Coffee

549506_435544839873873_789600496_nI recently came across a story about a small coffee shop that gives it’s customers an option to buy suspended coffees along with their own purchase to be held for someone who comes in off the street in need of a warm drink. This Italian tradition is making it’s way to coffee shops across the country.


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