A Quick Escape | Hamptons Style

I know I know… I came to see the CITY. But, my mom and I couldn’t turn down an invite to spend a few days in the Hamptons with her friend.

Minutes after landing in the city, I met up with my mom, and we hopped on the Jitney (this really awesome charter bus)  to the Hamptons.

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WILD sweatshirt | NORDSTROM      Jeggings | Adidas      Shades | Coach

Now, I don’t know about y’all but, going to the Hamptons is not just a casual thing for my mom and I. So, this was quite the adventure.


We stayed in a beautiful, quaint cottage style house and walked around the adorable Sag Harbor. It was a great way to soak up some nature before venturing back to the city for 3 weeks of exploration.


Snow in Dallas


So this is my “I live in Dallas… I guess I’ll throw on everything warm that I have and make a snow day outfit out of it” look. Do you like it?

I feel like pretty much anything is appropriate when it snows in Dallas. ;)

I had fun exploring West Village on my snow day today. It’s always a very happy day when the first snow comes (even if it is wimpy Dallas snow).



Struck By Lightning

Happy Halloween! I’ve been struck by lighting this year.


I have to say this costume was VERY last minute. As in, an hour before the party. But, how much fun is this super easy idea?!

Everyone at the party was super impressed, and we had a lot of fun with it :)

After raiding Target for a poster board and shirt I didn’t care about ripping and burning, I grabbed an umbrella at checkout we had a costume! (brilliant and cheap!)

You can make this too! All you need is:

Lightning Bolt

– One yellow poster board: I traced a light night bolt and cut it out

– Shoestring: to tie it across the neck

Struck by Lightning

– One umbrella: cut holes and rip as much as you’d like

– One shirt you don’t care about destroying (***Make sure the shirt isn’t highly flammable)

– A lighter: to burn some holes (I did this in the shower just incase)

– Hairspray: for some serious teasing and frizzing to your hair