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As a twenty something free spirit, learning how to navigate the ups and downs of life post-college… The one thing I know I can control is my choice to be happy. So, I’ve decided to use this space to document all of my happy happenings and share some of my passions.

I’m a Midwestern girl, born and raised in Nebraska, and am truly blessed to have been able to grow up a country girl. I spent my days at the barn, mucking stalls and throwing hay bails, making snow forts with my best friend and sister, Kelli, and “camping out” in the backyard.


I’ve got the best family a girl could ask for. Because of them, I am the grounded, slightly stubborn, not always perfect, but very happy girl I am today.

(My wonderful, crazy, perfect family)

Naturally, when it came time to choose where I wanted to go to college, I headed straight to Dallas, Texas. I spent 4 years making some of the best friends, growing up (a little – it’s much better to stay a kid at heart right?), and taking each life lesson with stride (okay, well I’m slightly clumsy… so I may have tripped over my own two feet a few times)

Since graduating in May of 2012, I’ve been soaking up life’s every moment, treasure, adventure, trial, and error. I’ve gone through moments of self-doubt, anxiety, and general confusion about what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, but through it all… I’ve had my faith, family, and loved ones cheering me on and encouraging me to think outside the box. After all, we only have this one life and we all have a duty to make the best of it, right? So I’ve fought through many emotions with a smile and a little laughter.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.40.05 AM

Looking back on the past few years, I wouldn’t have spent them any other way. I had the best road trip back home to Nebraska, catching up with family and getting back to my roots. I was able to explore Florida and and doing some “soul searching”. I took trips to New Jersey, New York, California and DC, visiting friends, exploring new places and enjoying a good cup of coffee now and then. It’s been a time of trial and error, amazing adventures, and building a business.

It’s funny how true it is, as soon as you let go of the need to control your life’s story, it unfolds into exactly what it’s supposed to be. I spent so much time trying to force myself into and out of jobs, career paths, friendships and relationships that I lost track of the fact that in the end it wouldn’t matter… God knows exactly what he’s doing.

After my traveling adventures, I’ve settled back in Dallas. I can’t wait to share my  adventures with you!

Hope you enjoy reading! Feel free to share your stories with me. I’d love to hear about your happy happenings! If I inspire just one person to smile a little bigger, I’ll have done my job.

I’d love to hear from you…

Have a story for me? Send me an email!:  happygirlhappenings@gmail.com

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