Glam Hippie Braid

Now that my hair has gotten longer, I’m constantly taming it into a side braid when it’s getting out of control. This is definitely a go-to look for me when my hair’s a bit too much to handle. ;)


Sweater Dress | Only $9

Last weekend, I went to a couples shower for a truly inspiring couple from my new church. I had never seen anything like it. So much support and love in one room. Since I’ve been back in Omaha, there have been so many moments where I know I’m here for a reason. Where I feel so blessed to be meeting such nice, genuine people. It’s going to be a great year.

Anyways, I’ll stop rambling now… I really wanted to share the outfit I wore becauseΒ this dress is on sale now for only $9!!! Get it before it’s gone -> Β

Seriously one of my favorite purchases this year.